Don't think about Market Up & Down, Traders Enjoy Profit all the time.
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  Basic Course of stock Market

This Workshop give you clear & Perfect vision & knowledge of share market

We noticed so many peoples are involve in share market operations & dealing, but
they are not aware or clear idea of share mkt operations or basic concepts, if people know about clear concept of mkt.they will deal with good manner .

As well as beginners must do the course; get clear idea of share mkt. & concern
institute and their functions. Half knowledge is dangerous.

Be an educated investor & trader.

Avoid the initial big losses compare to workshop fees.

    Syllabus ››

  1. Function Of stock Exchange
  2. Benefits of Stock Markets.
  3. Carrier with stock market
  4. Investments options
  5. Mutual funds introduction
  6. Primary & secondary market
  7. IPO Concept & Listing of share
  8. Benefits of investment in Share Mkt.
  9. What is share trading & opportunities
  10. Cash, Future & Option Mkt.
  11. Stock Broking firms
  12. Types of Share
  13. Benefits & right of share holder
  14. Demat & trading account information
  15. Online Trading
  16. Roll of various Institutions related share Mkt
  17. What is Nifty, Sensex & others indices
  18. Sectors, groups ,company Selection for Investment or trading
  19. concept of Fundamental analysis
  20. Technical Analysis Concepts & Utility
  21. Introduction of commodities Market

    If you complete our all three workshop you make carrier in share Market.

    If you want attend this workshop,
    deposit fees Rs. 4000/- Click here for payment and registration Detailes
Don’t think about Market Up & Down, Traders Enjoy Profit all the time.
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