Don't think about Market Up & Down, Traders Enjoy Profit all the time.
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(Note: - Admission given only, who complete our Intraday Techniques & Technical Analysis workshop, after 3 months of practical trading.)

     Advantage / benefit of Workshop »

       1) This Workshop helpful for be a expert trader
       2) How earn money from minimum investment
       3) Heaging for avode losses

     Syllabus » 

  1. Potential & opportunities
  2. Carrier of share market.
  3. Types of trading
  4. Difference & Comparison of cash market & derivative market.
  5. Benefits of derivative trading
  6. Concept of Future market.
  7. Concept of Option Market.
  8. How use of stop loss / trailing stop loss
  9. Concept of Heaging
  10. Margin money  for future
  11. Contract Months & roll over
  12. Lot size        
  13. Future-Option  of  Stock & Index 
  14. Strike Price of Option 
  15. Option –concept of call & put
  16.  Types Of option
  17. Benefit Of option 
  18.  Decision Buy Sell of option
  19. Bullish & Bearish strategies.
  20. Straddle, Strangle, Range Bound, Insurance, Calender Spreads, Synthetic strategies.
  21. How to use combination of  strategies

    If you complete our all three workshop you make carrier in share Market.

    If you want attend this workshop deposit Rs.4000/-

    Click here for payment and registration Detailes
Don’t think about Market Up & Down, Traders Enjoy Profit all the time.
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