Don't think about Market Up & Down, Traders Enjoy Profit all the time.
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  Various & Unique Intraday Techniques & Technical Analysis Workshop

Be Practical - We don’t  Teach Theory

Various & Unique Practical Techniques for Intraday Trading
(Live-Action Replay Demonstration for Practice)

  Advantage / benefit of Workshop »

Stop your daily Study of Share Market
Stop Your Losses Immediately
Trade with Confidence
Tension Free Trading
Exact Script Selection
Graph Reading & Enjoy Profit

   Syllabus » 

  1. Personal Introduction.  
  2. Benefits of Share Market.
  3.   Introduction of Fundamental Analysis.
  4.   Difference of Fundamental & Technical Analysis.
  5.   Strength & Limitation of Technical Analysis.
  6.   Technical Analysis –Reading of Charts & Gaps.
  7.   Bullish & Bearish Candlestick Patterns. 
  8.   Type of Moving Averages & Combination.
  9.   Oscillators-MACD, RSI, Stochastic, ROC and ADX.
  10.   How to Establish Support, Resistance & Zone.
  11.   Price Retrenchment and Reversal.
  12.   Stop Loss Techniques - Entry & Exit Point.
  13.   Find Targets, Profit Booking Techniques.
  14.   Technical Analysis Tools for different purpose.
  15.   Facilities-uses of Trading Terminal & websites.
  16.   Nifty & Sensex explanation.
  17.   Investment & Trading Views.
  18.   Portfolio Building & Funds Allocation (distribution).
  19.   Script Selection for different views of Investment & Trading.
  20.   Various types of Trading & Infrastructure requirement.
  21.   Discipline for Trading.
  22.   Identification of current Market Trend for Intraday.
  23.   Find Nifty Trend & Sector Movement for today.
  24.   Exact Script selection for Today’s Trade.
  25.   Intraday Graph Reading & Settings.
  26.   Various Tools of Trading Terminal.
  27.   Preserve Graph / Analysis Studies.
  28. Trading In Cash, Future & Option Market
  29.   Information regarding various useful Website for Trading.

Fees-Rs. 4000/-
Achievement for Candidate

Stop Your Losses Immediately
From next day of workshop do Tension free Trading with Confidence, And Enjoy Profit

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Don’t think about Market Up & Down, Traders Enjoy Profit all the time.
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